A Christian Thoughts on the Orlando Shooting


The Orlando shooting was a horrific event. Normally during a disaster such as this, everyone is sympathetic. This attack was different. Throughout social media, the religious community had unusual opinions some are not worth repeating.

A Junkie Mind Part II


Do you hoarder junk in your mind? The latest junk up for grabs is unholy music and unhealthy television shows. The most addicted behavior for grabs is social networks and toxic relationships this also includes useless relationships.

Should God Honor You?


In this society, a woman defines herself, by the way, she looks, dress and her power when dealing with society. Today’s culture teaches women if it feels good, do it. However, the bible states’ God wants us to be obedient to him, and he will bless us.

What Happens When You Lack Self-Control?

Self-control begins with an understanding that you cannot have everything you want just because you want it. For example, food in moderation is good, but eating in excess and with a lack of restraint can be bad for your health and wellbeing. Why is it so hard to control yourself when you want something?

Christians Are Not Pharisees


Christians stop allowing the world to make you feel like a Pharisee because you quote the scripture. It is the devil’s job in these last and evil days to make the world hate Christians or think Christians are idiots. Yes, there are judgmental people out there. Yes, there are people who quote scriptures and commit the same sin, they are not Christians they are hypocrites (Matthew 15:7). Stop confusing the two. When Jesus confronted the Pharisees, He called them exactly what they were hypocrites. That is not the definition of a Christian.

Women Bible Study Facebook Group

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When God brings a group of ladies together from all walks of life to share their experiences on life and their relationship with God, the results are remarkable. Some of these women relationships with God is almost non-existent. We can share our Biblical knowledge and encouragement letting them know how much Jesus loves them, and yes; He is there with them every uncomfortable step they take during their journey on this earth.